Industrial Surplus: Tables inventory


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Rotary & Positioning, CNC

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   Box Type

           Box Table, 18" x 18"                        (#107B-381)        view a photo

           Box Table, 18" x 24"                        (#107B-380)        view a photo

           Tilting Box Table, 20" x 20"                        (#107B-385)        view a photo

           Universal 20" x 24" Box Table                        (#107B-375)        view a photo

           Tilting Box Table, 24" x 24"                        (#107B-378)        view a photo

           Radial Arm Drill Box Table                30" x 24" x 20"        (#107B-434)        view a photo

   Rotary & Positioning

           SIP Horizontal Rotary Table                No. PD-2H        (#107B-398)        view a photo

           Walters Tilting Rotary Table, 15-1/2" Diameter                No. RTS400 15"        (#107B-170)        view a photo

           Pratt & Whitney Tilting Rotary Table, 16" Diameter                No. Tilting 16"        (#107B-265)        view a photo

           Milling Type Horizontal Rotary Table, 16" Diameter                No. 16"        (#107B-230)

           X - Y Measuring Table                No. 26" x 26"        (#107B-386)        view a photo

           Walter Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Index Table                VTVW        (#107B-150)        view a photo

           Phase II 16" Horizontal/Vertical Rotary Table                No. 221-316        (#107B-433)        view a photo

           Troyke Horizontal Rotary Table                No. R-18        (#107B-435)        view a photo

   Rotary & Positioning, CNC

           Producto N.C. Horizontal Rotary Table, 24" Diameter                No. 0124        (#107B-311)        view a photo

           Ferguson CNC Trunnion-Type Tilting Rotary Table                No. 360KL/150K-12-S14        (#107B-442)        view a photo

           Uni-Dynamics/ High Performance 2-Axis CNC Trunnion-Type Tilting Rotary Table                No. 360KL/150K-12-S14        (#107B-443)        view a photo

           Tsudakoma 4th Axis CNC Rotary Table                No. RNCV-201R        (#107B-446)        view a photo


           Heavy Duty Sine Plate, 20-1/4" x 29-3/4"                        (#107B-441)        view a photo


Industrial Surplus: Tables inventory
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